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Suspension Parts

Steering and Suspension Parts
  • Direct fit and designed for vehicle specific application on all makes and models. 
  • All suspension parts are engineered with high grade composite materials. 
  • Chassis and suspension parts include: ball joints, tie rods, control arms, drag and center links, idler and pitman arms, bushings, sway bars and more.
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     Tie Rod

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Suspension Parts

Suspension Parts

The chassis is the physical framework that supports your vehicles mobility, and it is fundamental to its operation. With Prime Choice chassis and suspension parts, you are getting high performance, reliable automotive parts – precision-machined and manufactured to ensure smooth steering and a safer driving experience. When you order online, you can be confident that you’re getting the right parts, right now; and we guarantee that you’ll be getting them at the right price. 

Do you need new chassis and suspension parts? Our quality suspension parts are direct fit for vehicle specific application on all makes and models, and they also come with free shipping. Reliable and working suspension parts are necessary to guarantee smooth steering and vehicle operation, so order your new parts as soon as they are necessary.

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