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Control Arm

Control Arm
  • The control arm is made with high strength steel tubing with solid plate mounting brackets for superior strength and durability. Pre-drilled sway bar mounting holes.
  • Greaseable polyurethane bushings.
  • Anti-corrosion coating on the control arm for extended life.
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed expectations for performance and fit.
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Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly
Part #:CAK816
MSRP: $163.34
Your Price: $93.34
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Control Arm And Ball Joint Assembly
Part #:CAK412
MSRP: $168.67
Your Price: $96.38
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Control Arm

Control Arm

A control arm holds your wheels and tires to the frame of your car and allows the wheels to go up and down when hitting bumps while staying straight and perpendicular to the road. It is often a V-shaped component, which is why it has obtained the informal name of “car wishbone.” The control arm attaches to the front wheel and knuckle assemblies of a vehicle to the support frame. Wear and tear will inevitably cause the control arm's bushings to deteriorate causing movement and noises in the suspension and steering while the vehicle is driving. This can be clunking, knocking sounds, or high speed vibrations. 

Do you have a control arm that needs to replaced?  A quality control arm from Prime Choice Auto Parts is direct fit for vehicle specific application on all makes and models, and comes with free shipping. A vibrating control arm can cause much stress to you and your vehicle while driving, so if you recognize that need a replacement, order online before your part's poor condition becomes a real problem. Buy parts from Prime Choice Auto Parts online factory outlet auto store and save.

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