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Brake Pads

Premium Brake Pads
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed expectations for performance and fit.
  • Engineered high grade composite materials.
  • Chamfered and Slotted to prevent heat expansion cracks and reduced brake noise.
  • Now featuring Premium Shim - the new standard for quiet, reliable braking.
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     Ceramic Brake Pads

     Performance Brake Pads

     Semi Metallic Brake Pads

Semi Metallic Brake Pads
Part #:SMK584
MSRP: $47.61
Your Price: $27.21

Ceramic Brake Pads
Part #:SCD1204
MSRP: $48.24
Your Price: $27.56

Semi Metallic Brake Pads
Part #:SMK1092
MSRP: $48.46
Your Price: $27.69

Semi Metallic Brake Pads
Part #:SMK1159
MSRP: $48.73
Your Price: $27.84

Ceramic Brake Pads
Part #:SCD771
MSRP: $48.96
Your Price: $27.98

Semi Metallic Brake Pads
Part #:SMK699
MSRP: $49.01
Your Price: $28.00
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Brake Pads

Brake Pads

Front Brake Pad & Rear Brake Pad Replacements 

Prime Choice Auto Parts has Brake Pads to fit thousands of different makes and models, all at the lowest price! Your vehicle's brake system is incredibly important to the overall safety of you and others on the road. Many garages will recommend you change your brake pads every 30,000 to 40,000 km. Waiting until your vehicle's brakes start squealing is not recommended as it means the safety of your vehicle's brakes has been compromised, and often indicates that you have metal-to-metal contact between your brakes and rotors. This squealing could indicate that your brakes are now cutting grooves into your rotors, which will end up being a larger repair job, and a higher repair bill. Have your brake pads inspected every 20,000 km. to ensure your safety on the road and to ensure longevity of your entire braking system.    

Buying new Brake Pads is simple with Prime Choice Auto Parts. Our parts are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring your safety and comfort on the road. We are a Canadian Auto Part Warehouse, meaning we can sell our parts to you at factory-direct prices. This is why when you purchase with us, you will save up to 70% off of our competitor's prices. Upgrade your brake pads by purchasing a set of our high quality, premium Brake Pads. Our pads are engineered from high grade composite materials that provide superior braking capability and extended life.  They feature Premium Shim technology, setting the new standard for quiet, reliable braking. Our quality Replacement Brake Pads fit all makes and models. We have hundreds of Front Brake Pads and Rear Brake Pads in our inventory, and we only sell what we stock. You can purchase with confidence from Prime Choice Auto Parts as we have over thirty years of experience in providing high quality Auto Parts. We inspect all of our parts before they are shipped from our 100,000 sq ft Auto Parts Warehouse to ensure you receive the highest quality parts, and that they fit your vehicle. High Quality - High Value Replacement Brake Pads at the lowest prices online. Make your next purchase with Prime Choice Auto Parts - save your money and have your Brake Pads delivered right to your door. 

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