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Car Lights 
  • All Car Lights parts are manufactured to meet or exceed expectations for performance and fit.
  • Headlight Assemblies are complete and SAE approved. 
  • Fog Lights are designed to effectively minimize light dispersion in foggy or misty conditions. 
  • Other visibility enhancing parts include: signal lights, parking lights, and reflectors.
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Signal Light Assembly
Part #:KAPBM30062B3R
MSRP: $20.10
Your Price: $11.49

Signal Light Assembly
Part #:KAPBM30061B3R
MSRP: $27.44
Your Price: $15.68

Side Marker Light
Part #:KAPJP20072A3R
MSRP: $27.68
Your Price: $15.82

Side Marker Light
Part #:KAPGC20072A3L
MSRP: $27.69
Your Price: $15.82

Side Marker Light
Part #:KAPGC20071A3L
MSRP: $27.77
Your Price: $15.87

Corner Light
Product: Corner Light
Part #:KAPCV30073A3R
MSRP: $27.82
Your Price: $15.89
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Car Light

All the lighting and reflectivity components of an automobile are meant to provide illumination so you can operate your vehicle safely. This means allowing you to see in the dark, increasing your vehicles perceptibility, and allowing other drivers to accurately detect your presence including speed, position, size, and direction of travel. Many avoidable accidents take place because light malfunctions or breakdowns, so it pays to take proper care of your car lighting system and components.

Are you in need of new car light parts and components? ALL of our car lights are direct fit and designed for vehicle specific application on all makes and models. To ensure absolute safety while you are operating your vehicle, all of your car’s lighting components have to be functioning properly all of the time. Prime Choice Auto Parts offers a variety of car lights parts at discount prices. For any questions call 1 866 990 3871 to speak with one of our friendly customer service specialists.

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